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    McClatchy cartoons for the week of July 5, 2015


    Landmark decision is just the start

    Last week the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that the Constitution guarantees same-sex couples the right to marry. LGBT couples from coast to coast can now embrace the validation of their unions, knowing their commitment to one another is protected by the law of the land. An outpouring of celebration...


    Corruption can be forgiven, not forgotten

    Rejecting disgraced former Monroe County School District superintendent Randy Acevedo from a list of potential assistant high school football coaches has nothing to do with forgiveness or lack thereof.  Acevedo was convicted in 2009 in connection with his wife Monique Acevedo’s theft...


    Keep address clear for emergencies

    The Key Largo Volunteer Fire Department has become aware through our response to alarms and visiting neighborhoods that some addresses are particularly difficult to locate and identify due to lack of or difficult to view house numbers. Minutes matter in times of emergency, and you can help us ...


    Leave Acevedo alone, he's paid his debt to society

    Having been disgraced, seriously injured and punished for his mistakes, at what point in time shall a man be forgiven? Perseverating upon another's imperfection is the mark of a weak and enfeebled individual, fearful that his or her own flaws and shortcomings may be called to light.


    Kindness is welcome in time of husband's loss

    For the past six months, my husband needed special care, as he suffered from dementia and other complications. Our family was already under stress, as one son was suffering from Lyme disease, his wife from cancer and chronic fatigue syndrome. My other son was working two jobs to help out financially...


    Aviation Boulevard sidewalk plan is flawed

    The Marathon City Council continues to push for a controversial plan proposed to improve the bike path along Aviation Boulevard. However, many residents have expressed concerns regarding the city's preferred approach and the overall lack of public process and engagement.


    Finally, marriage equality, as it should be

    What the Florida Keys already knew -- our slogan is One Human Family -- the U.S. Supreme Court codified in a decision handed down Friday.


    The positive power of the press

    In October of 2014 an article was published in The Reporter, written by my late husband's dear friend John Donnelly. Your decision to publish his story produced a miracle in my life. The article highlighted my husband, Robert Axberg, and his meritorious service to our country as a United States...


    Misspent priorities on display

    With all the new trees and shrubbery along U.S.1, is it about safety or beauty? All of the money spent on that project should have been spent on the safety of the local bridges.  Some of the "newer" bridges are in horrible disrepair. Who sets the priorities on how "our" tax money...

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