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    We each have a story that we need to tell

    My wife Isabel and I were honored to be invited and to share in the Seder Meal at The Keys Jewish Center in Tavernier this past Friday evening.  While we have both attended Seders in the past, this was the first time that we had done so within the Temple Congregation on the beginning evening...


    While we're being presidential-electioned out, don't forget local races

    Like many people, we're Trumped out, Cruzed out, Kasiched out, Clintoned out and Sandersed out. We're tired of turning on the television or checking our favorite website and it's all the presidential election all the time.


    More incentives needed to make the Keys more attractive to firefighters

    I wanted to make a statement regarding the article about the local fire stations employing firefighters that do not live in county. Of course the cost of living is high and affordable housing is a justifiable concern.


    Trump is being cheated

    I am in a state of anger and agitation every day watching the treachery going on in the establishment Republican Party.


    Canal cleanup isn't going nearly as well as planned

    I have read with interest how successful the canal cleanup on Big Pine Key and other places have been. As a person who lives on that dirtiest canal between Witters Lane and Bailey Lane on Big Pine Key, I can say it has only been successful to a point.


    Nothing to fear but fear itself

    Want to put up some money on who will be our next, President? I lived in Atlantic City off and on for five years and had not one friend who was not a gambler, most thinking I was weird with no passion or interest in the world’s second greatest passion, maybe the first.  ...


    Cyclists need to share the road with autos

    I would like to address the issues that surround the shared use of our roadways between cyclist and motor vehicles. While it is admirable to see people in the community gather together to exercise and to raise money for designated charities, it appears many of these riders either lack knowledge ...


    Refocus Marathon's tourism efforts

    Please include my wife Riet and I into the group of folks who are opposed to adding more hotel/motel units into our beloved city. The primary reason is that Marathon is full during the winter months and a lot of the summer.


    Artists to help raise money, awareness for Rett Syndrome

    To raise awareness for Rett Syndrome, the Purple Pumpkin Gala Committee is sponsoring “Pumpkins on Parade.” Last fall, the purple pumpkin became an important symbol in the Upper Keys Community to spread awareness about Rett Syndrome.  Rett syndrome is a neurodevelopmental...


    Don't dismiss science when it comes to genetically modified mosquitoes

    As I read about the recent Florida Keys Mosquito Control District board meeting concerning the release of genetically modified mosquitoes to cut down on the population of disease-carrying mosquitoes, a Neil deGrasse Tyson quote came to mind: "The good thing about science is that it's true whether...

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