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    Don't make theft easier for criminals

    In the Florida Keys, some crimes are cyclical. For example, every few years, the Upper Keys see a spate of thefts of the lower units of boat engines. The units, which contain the gear box and are pretty easy to detach from engines, then are hauled off to the mainland and, in many cases, shipped ...


    Affordable Care Act results in concrete savings

    I don't know what kind of right-wing agenda letter writer Larry Reitz had when making his unsupported bullet-point claims about the efficacy of the Affordable Care Act.


    Dolphin (mahi mahi) need more protection

    Once again, we are at the start of dolphin season, or migration. This is the time of year when the dolphin will gather off our coast in significant numbers. I would just like to point out a conservation law that was well-intentioned but actually results in more harm to the species that we are trying...


    Casting contest benefits animal shelter

    On behalf of the staff, board and animals of Safe Harbor Animal Rescue of the Keys, we would like to thank Capt. Spider and Kathy Branch for once again donating the proceeds of their weekly Casting for Charity contest to the animal shelter.


    Volunteering changes lives

    The definition of volunteering means to freely offer to do something. This can be volunteering a piece of information, volunteering to drive a friend to the airport, or even volunteering a substantial amount of time to work on a project. 


    McClatchy cartoons for the week of 4/20/14


    Bay of Pigs is a complex part of U.S.-Cuba history

    My sad claim to fame is being the guy who has read every book that has ever been written about the Bay of Pigs Invasion, in English and in Spanish, from here and from there.


    Magistrate recommendations fair, ethical

    I have been a teacher at Key Largo School since 1998, and am the vice president of United Teachers of Monroe. This year, our negotiations process led us once again to impasse with the school board. 


    Obama supporters blinded by ideology

    Reading through the three letters that you published concerning the Affordable Care Act, James Pettorini's letter is far superior in substance, fact and eloquence, than those of his detractors. Mr. Pettorini factually states his disagreement with the ACA in a reasoned and measured tone. He does...


    We all lose when fish are taken taken illegally from the Keys

    A federal judge in Key West sent a Michigan man to prison for five months Monday for illegally buying and selling marine life taken from Florida Keys waters. Joseph Franko, 35, then will spend five months of house arrest and two years on probation.

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