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    Ways for a safer season

    Every year, prior to and after the two-day lobster sport season, there are requests to abolish the event.


    Gifford will be missed

    I watched "Monday Night Football" when I was growing up and the late Frank Gifford did a great job as a broadcaster for the show. He had a great, flamboyant voice, especially when he did the game introductions at the start of each telecast.


    McClatchy cartoons for the week of Aug. 23, 2015

    Visual views from McClatchy editorial cartoonists.


    Reporting saved lives

    As a distinguished journalist with a parent company that assists in publishing The Reporter and The Keynoter; Julie Brown's brilliant article appearing in The Miami Herald focuses on corruption and cover-up in the Florida Department of Corrections. She has shed light upon the dangers and deadly...


    Marathon High grad who pays it forward is an inspiration

    What a wonderful front-page article in the Aug. 19 Keynoter about 1972 Marathon High School graduate Regynald Washington, who endowed a university hospitality program with a $1 million donation.


    In Marathon, priorities for capital projects are out of whack

    Seems like every couple years there is another push to build a community pool in Marathon but fortunately, past city councils have had enough sense not to act on this costly project. But now it seems that this council has gone as far as to budget $3 million for this project, but it seems that the...


    Tangled Florida Keys bird is lucky for the help

    A sea bird that had swallowed a fishing hook with the line attached became caught on the electrical wires on my street on a recent Saturday evening at dusk. The bird was hanging from the wires, at times appearing lifeless and then suddenly flapping its wings and trying to get free.


    Don't blame fishermen for fishery problems

    After many years of listening to debates over our declining environment and fisheries, I think I have come up with a simple solution to these complex problems. We need to start killing off as many manatees and groupers as we can, as soon as possible.


    Alternative energy choices must be embraced

    On Aug. 6, Citizens for Responsible Energy Solutions hosted an energy town-hall meeting and panel discussion featuring U.S. Rep. Congressman Carlos Curbelo, who represents the Keys and part of Miami-Dade County.


    Summer reading program proved a success

    The Marathon public library would like to announce the end of our very successful summer reading program, Every Hero Has A Story.

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