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    Tragedy averted because people did the right thing

    When federal authorities arrested Harlem Suarez, a Stock Island man, on terrorism charges this week, our initial reaction, rightfully so, was probably “wow,” “really?,” “right here in Key West?” Here was an alleged heinous plot to inflict harm —...


    Safety first during lobster mini-season

    With another lobster mini-season under way, it's important to know the lobster aren't the only thing in danger today and Thursday.


    Here are some suggestions on new rules for Cuba

    Since last week marked the normalization of the secret relations for more than a year between the Obama administration and the Cuban regime with the opening of embassies, it is time to start a new list of priorities for present relations.


    Marathon is losing its ID to developers

    Let's not kid ourselves: Pritam Singh is going to develop Knights Key. That's because Marathon's code makes development easy and post-recession, developers are finally gobbling up available property in town.


    DOT is way too heavy-handed in the Upper Keys

    The Florida Department of Transportation once again shown just how insensitive and disconnected it is with regard to the impact that projects and right-of-way conflicts have on area businesses. They have notified several of our business owners in Islamorada they have to close down because they are...


    McClatchy cartoons for the week of July 27, 2015

    Editorial cartoons from McClatchy


    Equality will boost Florida business

    With the U.S. Supreme Court ruling on marriage for gay couples, Florida leaders have an important decision to make when it comes to our national and international reputation. Will we be a state that embraces equality and fairness or will we be seen as a state that resists progress and shuns diversity...


    Telemedicine is one way to tackle Keys health-care challenges

    Your editorial criticizing Keys health care struck me as containing a few misstatements. Your analysis did not resonate with my experiences in the Upper Keys. Neither did your suggestions for improvement.


    Marines had right to self defense

    The United States of America was attacked again last week, on its homeland.   It was not a sneak attack, concealed and unannounced, without the knowledge of our government. Those who've openly declared war on us, have been gathering intelligence, recruiting soldiers and training said...


    Keys getting tired of FDOT's heavy-handed tactics

    Extortion and protection rackets are the stuff of organized crime, but unchecked government agencies have been known to play the game, too. That's what seems like is happening in the Upper Keys with the Florida Department of Transportation. And Middle and Lower Keys residents and business ...

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