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    We each have a story that we need to tell

    My wife Isabel and I were honored to be invited and to share in the Seder Meal at The Keys Jewish Center in Tavernier this past Friday evening.  While we have both attended Seders in the past, this was the first time that we had done so within the Temple Congregation on the beginning evening...


    Nothing to fear but fear itself

    Want to put up some money on who will be our next, President? I lived in Atlantic City off and on for five years and had not one friend who was not a gambler, most thinking I was weird with no passion or interest in the world’s second greatest passion, maybe the first.  ...


    Sending stored water south is key to Everglades health

    Described as the River of Grass by writer Marjory Stoneman Douglas, America's Everglades is a complex wetland system with an area greater than 4,500 square miles and supported by a watershed nearly 22,000 square miles in size.


    The Navy should open the harbor for public use

    In 2013, the U.S. Navy, through its then-Naval Air Station Key West commanding officer, Capt. Patrick Lefere, closed Truman Harbor in Key West to non-governmental vessels. The following is to give the public a brief history that lead up to this closure and explain the reasons why today Key West ...


    Upstate New York has nothing on the beautiful Keys

    By now, most people know that the tourism agency in Ithaca, N.Y., has surrendered to the brutal northern winter and on Monday told people the heck with it, go to the Florida Keys.