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    We need catch-and-release fishing zones

    The ongoing management revision process of the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary is a cause of great concern to many in the Florida Keys. Most admit that with the growing human population in the Keys and increasing use of the Keys resources, there is need for a revised approach to how these...


    Where are Florida's leaders when it comes to Ferguson and race?

    The silence scares me. What silence? The silence I'm referring to is from our so-called state leaders in Tallahassee. It's not that they're shy; mention anything or anyone connected to President Obama and the muzzles are torn off, the attacks are unleashed. But force them to look at their own backyards...


    'Love is love. We just wanted you to know'

    All I wanted was to ask my best friend, my life partner, the love of my life, to marry me. Eleven years ago, we were living two separate lives in two different cities. I was in Fort Lauderdale and William Lee was in Key West. I was furthering my career in Fort Lauderdale while William Lee was in...


    Want a federal contract? Think long and hard about it first

    Recently The Florida Current reported that the projected substantial budget surplus in Florida has enabled spending increases in several areas, including transportation. Significantly, spending for transportation projects involves federal dollars more often than not, in addition to state funds.


    Odds already stacked against manatees in federal study for possible downlisting

    In response to a lawsuit by the Pacific Legal Foundation, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has decided downlisting manatees from endangered to threatened under the federal Endangered Species Act may be warranted, and the agency is embarking on a five-year status review as part of the process.