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    Have the 1563 wrecks of the Angel Bueno and La Concepcion been found?

    Paul Robinson, president of the Bronze Cannon Corporation, cannot wait to talk about solving one of the great mysteries of the Spanish treasure fleet era. 


    An early account of shipwreck survivors on Tavernier Key

    Born in 1786, Pownoll Pellew was 13 when he first went to sea as a midshipman under the command of his father, Rear Admiral Sir Edward Pellew.  The Admiral would go on to become Commander-in-Chief of the Royal Navy East Indies Fleet while his son moved quickly up the chain of command...


    Population centers in 1870 Upper Keys

    Prior to the August 7, 1840 Seminole attack on Indian Key, the island had boasted the largest community in the Florida Keys, outside of Key West. 


    My good-bye to Jim Clupper

    As it turns out, there is a great deal I do not know about my friend Jim Clupper. I know he loved racing cars, Bob Dylan, books, chocolate, history, and perhaps most especially, prehistoric Indian culture. 


    Matecumbe, the rise of a community

    Richard and Mary Russell left Green Turtle Cay, Bahamas in 1838. Upon departure, they sailed to Key West where they created the first of three homes in the Florida Keys. After Key West, the Russells packed up and moved to Vaca Key. 


    Perfect spots abound for those looking to snorkel off the Keys

    If are visiting  the Florida Keys, and you aren’t a diver or don’t feel like taking a one-day “resort” scuba course, you still have an excellent opportunity to see the colorful reefs and tropical fish by snorkeling in the warm waters of the Keys. The Keys ...


    Indian Key, an introduction

    “There is no portion of the American coast more dangerous to the mariner where more property is annually wrecked, than on the Florida Reef. Its contiguity to the gulf stream, and forming a sort of Scylla to that Charybdis, the Bahama Islands, are the main causes which make it so dangerous...


    No matter how it got to the bottom, The Eagle is a great dive

    “Houston, Tranquility Base here. The Eagle has landed!” So announced American Astronaut Neil Armstrong on July 20, 1969, when he and fellow Astronaut Buzz Aldrin were the first humans to land on the moon Six hours later, Armstrong stepped off the ladder of the lunar module saying...


    After 75 columns, thank you

    It was October 2012 when I first pitched this column to David Goodhue at The Reporter. By 2012, my mentorship with Jerry (Wilkinson) had been developing for several years and I had been absorbing a plethora of historical nuggets relating to this string of islands. Frankly, I needed an outlet. 


    A little Green Turtle and green turtle history

    Berlin Felton moved to Upper Matecumbe in the early 1930s — all the way from Rock Harbor. When Felton struck up a business partnership with Alonzo Cothron, the two formed the A&B Company. Alonzo represented the A and Berlin the B. Among the list of A&B holdings was the A&B Docks compound ...

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