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    It is time to create the Jerry Wilkinson Research Library

    The view out across the Atlantic from Jerry Wilkinson’s house is the stuff of dreams. 


    Walking tours coming to Indian Key!

    Indian Key is flush with the kind of history one would expect from these once wilder waters. It might not look like much today, not when driving past the island along the Overseas Highway. However, by 1835 the approximately 11-acre island was home to a hotel, bar and a 9-pin bowling alley. Outside...


    Art McKee, the tip of the iceberg

    Born in Bridgeton, New Jersey Nov. 2, 1910, Art McKee had two great loves, the water and the ladies. It only seems fitting that Art began his career as a lifeguard at a New Jersey public pool. It was, however, the Bridgeton flood of August 1934 that seemed to alter the course of McKee’s life...


    Piracy in the Florida Straits: the case of the Guerrero

    By 1827 the international slave trade had been illegal in Spain for seven years, the United States for 19 years and Great Britain for 20. Spanish-held Cuba, however, paid little heed to the prohibition. 


    The Florida Channel comes to Indian Key

    Indian Key might be the most interesting island in the whole of the Florida Keys, historically speaking. Unlike the spectacle that is Key West, it does not look like much while driving past on the newly anointed Indian Key Irving R. Eyster Bridge. 


    NOTES ON KEYS HISTORY by Brad Bertelli

    Because proteins were readily available in the warm clear waters surrounding the islands, available land was dedicated to farming what people lacked, namely fruits and vegetables. Pioneer families utilized family farms to produce not only for their own needs, but also to provide a little extra to...

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    Key Largo Baptist has come a long way in 50 years

    As many as 250 parishioners, past and present, are expected this weekend to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the founding of First Baptist Church in Key Largo. 


    A Halloween Story: Robert the Doll

    The tale of Robert the Doll is a fascinatingly haunted one filled with truth, mystery, and some seemingly bona-fide paranormal activity. As is the case with most ghost stories, Robert’s has been the subject of both hyperbole and fabrication. Also, it is the only haunted artifact in the Florida...


    Fathers and Sons: Preston and Bertram Pinder

    Preston Brooks Pinder was the grandson of the original Upper Keys Pinders, Richard and Sarah, identified as Indian Key farmers in the 1870 United States census.


    Competitors swim 8 miles to Alligator Light

    More than 300 athletes competed in an eight-mile open-water swim Saturday in the Florida Keys. The second annual Swim for Alligator Lighthouse was staged as a college scholarship fundraiser for Keys students interested in competitive swimming, but also to raise awareness of the aging Alligator...

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