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    Tales of massive mahi abound off the Upper Keys

    Traditionally one of the busiest weeks of the summer season is upon us and the fishing is absolutely fabulous once again.  Weather was favorable and dolphin bit their tails off last week for the majority of our Upper Keys offshore fleet.  I would describe it as consistently productive...


    Before the bug hunt, make sure you, and your gear, are in good shape

    To paraphrase a famous novel by Erich Maria Remarque, a German veteran of World War I, all quiet on the Key’s front. After an opening salvo on July 29 and 30 followed by an eight-month season from Aug. 6 through March 31, all that will change. An armada of all manner of water craft...


    Dolphin showing a resurgence while the snapper and grouper fisheries remain strong

    Well, folks, as if to prove us wrong since last week, there's been a bit of a resurgence in the dolphin action offshore. In recent days there have been lots of slammers and gaffers, with very few sub-legal-size fish. Birds and weed lines are your ticket to success.


    Massive Mahi

    Colton Klais, 15, and Dillon Klais, 12, had a banner day fishing aboard Capt. Shannon Attales' Warbird charter boat out of Bud N' Mary's Marina on Monday, July 6. Dillon Klais caught single-handedly a bull dolphin that weighed 48 pounds. Colton Klais caught a cow dolphin that weighted about 33...


    Despite recent attacks, risk of shark bites overblown

    This is the time of year we love to hate or fear sharks. Just look at the TV shows during shark week. Or, watch the cable or local news. If you live somewhere in Middle-America you probably are convinced that you will be gobbled up by a shark if you go within 100 miles of the shoreline...


    Sharks making their presence known in the backcountry

    It has really felt like summer this past week with daytime temperatures as hot as it gets. I even had some times during trips this week where my push pole got so hot I had to wear gloves just to be able to pole across the flats. Offshore the dolphin fishing picked up this week with increased ...


    Hit the wrecks for steady success but some dolphin out there too

    As summer wanes on and temperatures continue to rise, offshore fishing becomes less reliable.


    Gold Star Teens know all about sacrifice

    As we surfaced from her first certification dive on Conch Pillars reef, Vanessa, 17, exclaimed, “Wow! That was the coolest thing I have ever done.” The other kids in my group of five scuba students heartily agreed. It had been a great dive with sightings of southern sting ray, a...


    Snapper action is ‘mind-boggling’

    FISH TALES by Capt. Donald Deputy     Snapper action is ‘mind-boggling’   Happy Fourth of July Holiday weekend! I'm so very thankful for my freedom and am ready to celebrate the fact that we live in the greatest country in the world.&#...


    Humps are alive with tuna

    Take tonight's full moon into consideration as you make your fishing plans for the next few days, particularly if dolphin are on your radar.

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