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    Dive, snorkel, glass bottom boat trips benefit Coral Restoration Foundation

    Space is still available for dive and snorkel trips this weekend to watch the Coral Restoration Foundation transplant coral on the reef off the Upper Keys. 


    Winter relief on the Duane

    Last week we had some great conditions for diving, so we opted to spend some time on the Duane.  We did five dives in three days, with moderate current on one of the days. Being able to free fall from the dive boat to the wreck is a real treat on the Duane .  


    When squids fly

    One of the animals I always see people go bonkers over are squid. Whether there are a few, or a whole squadron, everyone is always drawn to a squid sighting. And why not? 


    Nautical Flea Market

    The 19th Annual Gigantic Nautical Flea Market takes place Feb. 22-23. Click here to see the Official Program for the event.


    Octopus arms are smart arms

    Last weekend my dive buddy Phil observed, up close and personal, a single dangling tentacle of a Man of War. We were descending on a mooring line and all of the sudden, I saw him shaking his hand back and forth quite rapidly. 


    Fishing in the Keys

    A selection of fishing photos from October and November 2013


    Food web dynamics are integral to reef ecosystems

    Lately (since the reef shark encounter in August) we have been diving Logan's Run a lot. We have a route that takes us out to the spot we frequently see the shark, all the way up past the nice elkhorn coral stand near Hole in the Wall, back through the Winch Hole, then out to the ledge for a straight...


    How can chubs help science?

    The diving this winter has been a bit spotty for me. Little pockets of a few days here and there between the gusts of wind that last for days upon end.  


    Red hinds demonstrate protected area success

    Getting close to a mountainous Goliath grouper is one of my favorite things to do in the water. It's amazing how easily approachable they can be.  


    Porgies play a role in reef studies

    About 20 years ago, I was a volunteer diver on the Scuba Diving Team for the Virginia Aquarium and Marine Science Center. All types of Chesapeake Bay critters filled the aquarium, which was small by today's mega-aquarium standards.  

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