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    Turmoil in Marathon City Hall must be addressed

    We don't know, but we suspect that these days, the air is thick with tension for city staff working in Marathon City Hall. And we know that happy employees do better work and are more productive than upset ones, so that can't be good.



    Say something, Florida Highway Patrol. At least say why your troopers pulled over a man who, according to a video shot by witnesses, was Tased as he got out of the car he was in with his hands raised. The footage, absent context provided by the police, leads viewers to believe excessive force...


    Silence on FHP Tasing incident even more fetid in wake of South Carolina police murder charge

    Fifty-six days have gone by since a Florida Highway Patrol trooper shot a surrendering 59-year-old man with a stun gun, knocking him to the ground moaning in pain, and the agency refuses to release one detail about what happened that day. Video shot by a witness shows the man exit a minivan...