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    The squirrelfish deserves some ink too

    Why am I taking an underwater photo of a squirrelfish (Holocentrus adscensionis)? Is it because of its big “squirrel-like” eyes and beautiful colors? Yup! If you are a big, scary or sought after game fish you get media coverage, especially in a place like the Florida Keys. ...


    Wreck of the Benwood deserving of some respect

    It was a busy day at the wreck of the Benwood. There were several dive boats tied to the mooring balls. As I approached the wreck, I saw all manner of scuba divers — from those decked out in rebreathers and other technical gear to others who appeared to be finishing up dives to...


    The ocean suffers from thoughtless littering

    Those of us who are fortunate to live in the Keys have a special relationship with the ocean. For many, its health has a direct bearing on livelihood. For others, it provides recreation, opportunities to observe its amazing bounty of life, or quiet moments to reflect while watching the sun...


    Alligator Reef teems with undersea fauna

    The flotilla was headed to American soil. It was 9:30 p.m. in the evening of November 19, 1821. A new member ship of the fledgling U.S. Navy, the USS Alligator , had been tacking back and forth to stay within range of the slower small flotilla of vessels following it, which the crew of the...


    NOAA divers use rubble to rebuild Cheeca Rocks reef

    A team from Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary finalized a project to restore living coral colonies on a damaged patch reef near Cheeca Rocks that was injured when a rogue buoy dragged across it. Boat groundings, anchors, chains and other items that drag along the seafloor can damage or...


    Taking the rescue diving course can save lives

    The middle-aged woman scuba diver popped up, ripped off her mask, pulled out her regulator mouth piece and, with glazed eyes, started madly kicking to keep her head above water. I happen to be teaching a rescue diver course and was swimming on the surface near were the woman came up. &#...


    Trumpetfish ‘can really shake ‘em down’

    “You broke my heart, ‘cause I couldn't dance; you didn't even want me around; and now I'm back, to let you know, I can really shake 'em down.” “Do you love me now that I can dance?”  (Lyrics from the 1962 Contours’ song “Do you love me...


    Exhibit gives visitors a ‘shrimp’s eye’ view of the reef

    Sanctuary Reef, a unique traveling exhibit that gives a “shrimp’s eye view” of an oversized coral reef, is now on display at Keys History & Discovery Center in Islamorada, through   Feb. 28 . This interactive display developed by Mote Marine Laboratory brings the...


    Glassy sweepers can make a diver paranoid

    You know how it can be in dark or shadowy places. Monsters or scary creatures are everywhere. Finning through Christmas Tree Cave on French Reef, I had the eerie feeling that I was being watched. I turned my head to the right. Sure enough, I was being stared at by hundreds of beady little...


    Keys dive captain dies after falling in canal. Thomas well-known in scuba community

    Scuba divers from across the nation sent condolences after hearing that Key Largo dive-boat captain Joseph A. Thomas, 68, died   Monday   night. Thomas apparently fell from the seawall at Port Largo canal around   11 p.m.  He yelled for help but fell unconscious before...

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