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    Exhibit gives visitors a ‘shrimp’s eye’ view of the reef

    Sanctuary Reef, a unique traveling exhibit that gives a “shrimp’s eye view” of an oversized coral reef, is now on display at Keys History & Discovery Center in Islamorada, through   Feb. 28 . This interactive display developed by Mote Marine Laboratory brings the...


    Glassy sweepers can make a diver paranoid

    You know how it can be in dark or shadowy places. Monsters or scary creatures are everywhere. Finning through Christmas Tree Cave on French Reef, I had the eerie feeling that I was being watched. I turned my head to the right. Sure enough, I was being stared at by hundreds of beady little...


    Keys dive captain dies after falling in canal. Thomas well-known in scuba community

    Scuba divers from across the nation sent condolences after hearing that Key Largo dive-boat captain Joseph A. Thomas, 68, died   Monday   night. Thomas apparently fell from the seawall at Port Largo canal around   11 p.m.  He yelled for help but fell unconscious before...


    Couple marries at Christ of the Deep statue off Key Largo

    A Miami couple was married  Tuesday  to help mark the 50th anniversary of the installation of an iconic underwater statue off the Florida Keys.


    The continuing education of scuba instructors

    As I walk to the pool I see a large group of scuba divers bunched into small groups. Each group appears to be instructed by a diver holding a plastic card containing detailed instructions.  Some of the groups have persons translating the diver’s instructions into sign language...


    Exploring the proper age to learn scuba diving

    Thomas Rhodes fins along under water in scuba gear without his mask on for the required distance of 50 feet. He stops, replaces the mask, and then while under water, clears the mask of water. I give him a big OK sign and then a high five. He has just performed one of the scuba skills required...


    Learn proper techniques to avoid the bends

    Coming up the mooring line from a Dive on the U.S.C.G. Cutter Duane , intentionally sunk as an artificial reef in 120 feet of water on Nov. 26, 1987 off of Key Largo, I saw a group of divers hanging on the rope at about 50 deep.  They kept checking gages on their wrists or on instrument...


    Veterans and teens partner to plant corals

    For 30 minutes Monday, a combat-wounded Green Beret went underwater near Looe Key to "forget about any pain from my injuries, and not worry about my prosthetics."


    You mad chromis?

    "Dude, that's one grumpy looking fish," said the mate as I showed him the image on my camera. "But," I replied, "It’s a variety of damsel fish."  "Don't look ladylike to me," he said. "Still say it's a nasty looking fish dude" Just to make sure the mate just wasn’t having...


    Women divers united in Keys conservation

    Women divers from all around the globe celebrated Professional Association of Diving Instructors Women’s Dive Day last Saturday by participating in a variety of specialized events. The emphasis of the global movement was to get as many women as possible diving on the same day to build...

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