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    You mad chromis?

    "Dude, that's one grumpy looking fish," said the mate as I showed him the image on my camera. "But," I replied, "It’s a variety of damsel fish."  "Don't look ladylike to me," he said. "Still say it's a nasty looking fish dude" Just to make sure the mate just wasn’t having...


    Women divers united in Keys conservation

    Women divers from all around the globe celebrated Professional Association of Diving Instructors Women’s Dive Day last Saturday by participating in a variety of specialized events. The emphasis of the global movement was to get as many women as possible diving on the same day to build...


    Before the bug hunt, make sure you, and your gear, are in good shape

    To paraphrase a famous novel by Erich Maria Remarque, a German veteran of World War I, all quiet on the Key’s front. After an opening salvo on July 29 and 30 followed by an eight-month season from Aug. 6 through March 31, all that will change. An armada of all manner of water craft...


    Despite recent attacks, risk of shark bites overblown

    This is the time of year we love to hate or fear sharks. Just look at the TV shows during shark week. Or, watch the cable or local news. If you live somewhere in Middle-America you probably are convinced that you will be gobbled up by a shark if you go within 100 miles of the shoreline...


    Gold Star Teens know all about sacrifice

    As we surfaced from her first certification dive on Conch Pillars reef, Vanessa, 17, exclaimed, “Wow! That was the coolest thing I have ever done.” The other kids in my group of five scuba students heartily agreed. It had been a great dive with sightings of southern sting ray, a...


    Inside the ‘Guardian of the Upper Keys’

    As I boarded our dive boat after guiding a father and son diving on the intentionally sunk wreck of the USCG Cutter Duane, a distress call came over the radio about a diver who had a problem while diving on the wreck of the USS Spiegel Grove (LSD-32), a Thomaston-class dock landing ship that was...


    Brook’s totally excellent scuba adventure

    “Those colors are amazing. I wish more people could have a chance to see them,” said Brook Fullwiler who had just finished her first ever scuba dive. Brook and my son Scott were visiting us for a long weekend from Portland, Oregon. Later, back at our house in Tavernier after...


    Reasons abound for fearing the ocean

    Dawn had just broken and I was paddling my kayak back to shore. The early morning was still. I heard a mother on the beach singing to her young children.  The doves added harmony to the melody with their coos. The waves lapped gently against my boat. I totally was at peace. Like ...


    Colorado students help save Keys reef

    I felt like I was in a military operation. “OK, ‘blue’ team, after you descend form up at the bottom and I will lead you to the location,” the team leader intoned. Blue team, one of five teams designated by colors, performed a safety check of their gear and ...


    Cozumel: From Cortez the Killer to killer dives

    Drifting with a brisk current at 90 feet below the surface next to Santa Rosa Wall located near the south end of Cozumel Island, I feel like Peter Pan as I look down into the abyss. I effortlessly “fly” by a kaleidoscope of sights and, although I didn’t need Tinker Bell...

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