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    Planning a visit to Key West?

    For a good overview of the Florida Keys Environmental treasures, visit the Florida Keys Eco-Discovery Center.


    Keeping your thumb green not always easy

    You've heard the saying, "If at first you don't succeed, try, try and try again." And believe me, I've tried. I now have to acknowledge that my initial gardening success three years ago must have been beginners luck.


    Keys aviation history preserved at Marathon museum

    Not many people remember the name Juan Terry Trippe. But, Keys aviation history begins with Trippe, who got the first government contract to fly mail between the U.S. and Cuba. That Pan Am airmail service began Oct. 18, 1927 when a rented plane dubbed “La Nina” flew the 90 miles ...


    Gluten-free frittata, chicken kebabs a healthy choice

    Last month while my husband was visiting friends in Colorado, I had a summer dinner party with some girlfriends. We like to eat freshly-prepared foods and we have differing food allergies, so the challenge was to prepare items that were gluten-free, soy-free and low in sodium.


    Miami Blue: Rarest of the rare

    If you were to go on a search to find hidden treasure, the first place you might look would be on a remote island. With visions of a treasure chest full of glittering gold, you may very likely walk right over a beach full of pearls and not even notice.


    Sanctuary’s info-packed center is free

    Nearly 10 years and $6 million in the making, the Florida Keys Eco-Discovery Center is aimed at educating people about the Keys’ unique ecosystem above and beneath the sea.


    Tiny island holds a lot of history

    On Jan. 2, 1908, Henry Flagler began construction of the Florida East Coast Railway. It was Flagler’s dream, one he personally financed with $80 million of his own money, to see the coast of Florida connected by train from Jacksonville to Key West.


    History of Diving Museum

    The History of Diving Museum in Islamorada continues to expand and grow as a living tribute to its founder.


    Theater of the Sea

    Like New Yorkers who never visit the Empire State Building, we here in the Keys seldom visit treasures in our own back yard. Theater of the Sea is one of those treasures, and it is steeped in local history.


    Shipwrecks, sharks and some underwater jams

    Approximately six miles off of Big Pine Key, Looe Key is thriving. The massive spur and groove reef formation, one of the better-developed reefs in the chain, is a brilliant spectacle. Armies of blue tangs swim elegantly over the coral beds as flocks of midnight parrotfish peck at the corals with...

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