Governor gets four names from which to choose for Keys judgeship

July 12, 2014 

Gov. Rick Scott wanted more nominees than initially sent.


A Keys committee of attorneys has recommended to Gov. Rick Scott four applicants to replace David Audlin on the Monroe County Circuit Court bench.

Wednesday, Bob Shillinger sent Scott the names of county Judge Wayne Miller and assistant state attorneys Manny Madruga and Mark Wilson to be considered to replace David Audlin, who resigned May 9 two years into second six-year term. Audlin cited invasion of privacy into his private life as the reason.

Shillinger chairs the 10-member Keys Judicial Nominating Commission, charged by state law with recommending applicants when there are vacancies on the bench.

From a list of 12 applicants, Shillinger, on behalf of the commission, had sent Scott the commission's three finalists. Scott immediately sent the list back, asking for three more names.

After four hours of deliberations Friday, the commission added just one, Key West attorney Tim Koenig. He was among six finalists who had made the short list, which included Madruga, Miller, Wilson and Key West attorneys Albert Kelley and Christopher Bridger.

Now Scott has 60 days to appoint Audlin's successor. His choices (unless he asks for more names again):

-- Koenig, 54, of Key West, managing partner of the Keonig, Highsmith and Van Loon law firm. Koenig, married with three children, graduated from Florida State University's law school.

-- Madruga, 48, of Key West, chief assistant Monroe County state attorney. Madruga, divorced with one daughter, earned his law degree from the University of Miami’s law school. He's been with the State Attorney's Office since 1990.

-- Miller, 61, of Key West, a Monroe County Court judge since 1989. Miller, married with three children, received his law degree from Hamline University in St. Paul, Minn., and was an assistant Keys state attorney from 1981 until his initial election.

-- Wilson, 46, of Key West, an assistant Monroe state attorney. Wilson, single, is a U.S. Army veteran and former state trooper in Wyoming who received his law degree from Penn State.

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