Trying to enforce an open-container law in Marathon would be a waste of time

July 12, 2014 

A recent article concerning a proposed open-container ban in Marathon struck me as being a little naive on the part of the council member who proposed it. The sheriff has a valid point when he says that the costs of educating his deputies and subsequent costs of enforcement and incarceration would make it prohibitive.

The Key West Police Department is zealous in its enforcement of the same type of law and, in looking at the arrest records, it is easy to make the sheriff's point for him. In enforcing the municipal ordinance violations, the same names keep being arrested, day after day, week after week, and their addresses are, invariably, streets of Key West, so the efficacy of the law is questionable at the very best.

In truth of fact, the threat is not much of a threat at all. Consider this as an example: The threat of three hots and a cot with bathing facilities and air-conditioned luxury during the dog days of August doesn't seem like much of an imposition to me. When weighed against the costs of arrest, transportation, prosecution, room and board and all the attendant processing fees against the perceived gain to the community, one questions the qualifications of the proposing council member to be a community leader.

Ed Sjolin

Hemingway, S.C.

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