Story about assisted-living center missed some finer points

July 9, 2014 

Jessica Machetta states in a July 5 story that Key West Senior Development LLC ("Senior Development") is "a subsidiary of American House Senior Living." Your attention is directed to Page 1 of Senior Development's response to the Key West Housing Authority's request for proposals to build an assisted-living facility, where "senior development" identifies itself solely as an "affiliate" of American House. The term "affiliate" is not defined in the response.

Jim Nichols is identified in the article as a principal (not defined) of Senior Development but in the response, he is referred to only as the day-to-day project manager. It is not clear that the two terms are synonymous.

The article further identifies the Florida Keys Assisted Care Coalition worked in partnership with private developers to build senior housing on the Truman Waterfront. At no time was the coalition in any legal partnership with private vendors. The coalition issued a request for proposals and vetted the companies that responded. Subsequent negotiations between the city and the for-profit developers failed to result in a contract or lease acceptable to city staff and the City Commission.

Sheldon Davidson

Key West

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