Probe into man's death after being taken into police custody needs to be more transparent

July 2, 2014 

The following are excerpts from Florida Statute 406:

"The medical examiner shall conduct, for the purpose of determining the cause of death, examinations and investigations. In addition, the medical examiner shall adhere to all requests made by the state attorney, in the furtherance of determining the cause of death.

"Furthermore, the medical examiner shall obtain evidence necessary for forensic examinations."

It appears that the Monroe County Medical Examiner's Office may not have adhered to the law. An inspector general's investigation may find the medical examiner's office to be disorganized, inefficient and hampered by mismanagement.

Given the nature of serious allegations surrounding Charles Eimers' death in Key West after he was subdued by police and its possible law-enforcement cover-up, many are disappointed that our state attorney hasn't assumed a leadership role so that her constituents might be presented with an authentic Florida Department of Law Enforcement investigation and autopsy report.

Based on specific and detailed evidence, the integrity and credibility of both investigations appear to be seriously flawed and compromised.

It's apparent from the start that the FDLE investigation violated the agency's own protocols and policies regarding how to conduct a bona fide investigation.

Presenting the findings of these untoward investigations as fact to a grand jury constitutes a fraud. The state attorney is required to present all of the evidence. The state attorney is required to dutiful make certain that the findings presented to the grand jury are extracted from a valid, impartial, and complete examination of all the facts. So far this has not been done. The state attorney is aware that it has not been accomplished.

There are several credible eyewitnesses, along with possible crucial testimony and other evidence, that may have been left out of the FDLE investigation. This evidence wasn't available to the medical examiner during the Eimers autopsy.

As in most of these cases, the real crimes often occur when a police department attempts to cover up the event being examined. There's plenty of hard evidence indicating that there may have been crimes committed when attempting to obfuscate the truth.

I proffer an urgent appeal to our state attorney to immediately initiate an independent investigation into Eimers death and its possible cover-up.

John Donnelly

Key Largo

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