Traffic lights poorly programmed

June 27, 2014 

I never thought that I would see the day that if someone was walking from Walgreen/CVS in Key Largo to Public approximately 1.5 miles that they would get there before I had the chance to drive the same distance. With the present timing of the traffic lights at those two intersections, it is not only possible, but a guy using a walker beat me.

I have to give credit where credit is due to the group of individuals that I am sure are at the top of the Darwin Awards list to be removed from the gene pool for their programming of the traffic lights at the CVS intersection and the stop light at Publix.

I guess they thought these two intersections where very, very high volume like Sout West 88th and U.S. 1 in Miami, where they require a short cycle for the traffic traveling north and south at those two intersections and giving preference to the very, very, low volume traffic entering or crossing U.S. 1.

Talk about the added time to travel that distance, the amount of fuel wasted, the increased anger of drivers, the added potential for an accident, and all because of poorly timed traffic lights.  

Let’s not forget about the emergency vehicles traveling that distance also having to deal with slow moving bumper-bumper traffic.

Let’s hear it for those magnificent individuals that had a hand in programming those two traffic lights. Could someone with some common sense review the traffic flow and program accordingly.

Robert Gonzales

Key Largo


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