Reality shows put the Florida Keys in the television spotlight

June 27, 2014 

Rosie Donnelly speaks with the camera crew of 'Buying the Beach,' a new real-estate reality show airing on the Destination America channel.


A new Florida Keys episode of "Buying the Beach" featuring Key Largo residents Buck and Rosie Donnelly premieres Monday on the Destination America network.

The addition of the 30-minute episode "Island Millionaire," along with previously shown episodes, creates a two-hour primetime block of four Keys shows on the cable and satellite channel Monday.

The premise of "Buying the Beach" extends the familiar concept of other real-estate shows that follow potential buyers in search of a dream home in various waterfront communities.

Longtime chef Shannon "Buck" Donnelly of Key Largo, founder of Buck Naked's Seasoning company and producer of the "Keys Kitchen" show on WEYW Channel 19, says the experience with a major production company should prove valuable for his own program.

"Rosie and I were approached to be one of five local couples to be involved with the Florida Keys episodes," Donnelly said.

"Working with a professional production crew that has filmed on location all over the world was a great experience," he said. "Plus it was really nice not to be the guys who were worried about everything for once."

He added, "I got to have fun and be myself with it. The crew may have had their hands full with that at times, though."

"Keys Kitchen" airs at 9 p.m. Fridays and Sundays, from Key West to Boca Raton, on AT&T U-verse and Atlantic Broad Band. Destination America is carried nationally on Comcast XFINITY, AT&T U-verse, Dish and DirectTV.

A crew member told the Donnellys that episodes of similar shows ("Buying Alaska", "Buying Hawaii") may air more than 200 times. Previous Keys-based episodes will air through the weekend and again Monday. See listings on

The June 30 schedule of "Buying the Beach" includes Keys episodes:

  • "Island Fever," 8 p.m.: "Chicago natives Howard and Cyndy Livingston are looking for the ultimate dream property, a remote island in the Florida Keys. Finding one under their million-dollar budget will be tougher than they think, but they're willing to do what it takes!"

  • "Dirt Cheap on the Water," 8:30 p.m.: "Delaware natives Mike and Emily have their sights set on the Florida Keys. They're in search of a budget-friendly home that fits their family and their boats. Finding an affordable piece of paradise won't be easy, so they're looking on the canals."

  • "Island Millionaire," 9 p.m.: "Buck and Rosie are ready to upgrade to a million-dollar home with an outdoor kitchen, a dock and million-dollar beach views."

  • "Backyard Beaches," 9:30 p.m.: "Alex and Jamie love life on the water in the Florida Keys. They're looking to put down roots and buy a home with the beach and ocean right in their backyard. But with a budget of $500,000, it might be harder to find their paradise than they thought."

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