Marathon woman busted for fighting with marine officer trying to arrest her for drunk boating

June 7, 2014 

A 38-year-old Marathon woman faces numerous charges stemming from her arrest for drunk boating and fighting with a law officer on Thursday.

A state Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission officer pulled Shana Valencia over in Boot Key Harbor around 8:30 p.m. as he was patrolling the harbor. He wrote in a report he saw Valencia operating a dinghy with no running lights on.

The officer activated the blue lights on his patrol vessel but Valencia wouldn't stop until "I yelled 'FWC -- stop the vessel,'" the officer wrote.

She started circling the officer's boat and he tied his vessel to the dinghy. Valencia was slurring her words, smelled of alcohol and had bloodshot, watery eyes, the office wrote.

The officer told her to get on his boat for a field sobriety test but she wouldn't. He wrote, "I told her one last time and she stated, 'I'm going to kick your [butt]' and stepped onto my vessel swinging. I grabbed her by the hair and pulled her to the ground and placed her left hand in a wrist lock.

"She began kicking me and biting at my leg. I told her several times she was under arrest and to stop resisting. She continued to fight and kick me in the legs and groin.... She continued to fight as I attempted to place a life jacket on her. She tried to jump out of the boat several times while I was attempting to place a life jacket on her."

They finally got back to the dock and she was taken to jail, where blood alcohol tests showed she had a blood alcohol content of .168 and .164; in Florida, .08 is considered drunk.

Valencia is charged with boating under the influence, probation violation and felony counts of resisting arrest and battery on a law officer.

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