Four taken into custody after meth found in SUV

May 7, 2014 

Four people likely face various charges stemming from a traffic stop Tuesday in Islamorada.

When Florida Highway Patrol Trooper Roberto Lopez Jr. stopped the quartet around 7 a.m. at mile marker 81 southbound, he reportedly found in their car methamphetamine, "multiple credit/debit cards" that were not theirs, and "health-care cards belonging to other individuals," Lt. Kathleen McKinney said.

The only two formally charged so far are Felicia Pryor, 27, of Laurel, Miss., who's charged with felony possession of meth with the intent to distribute and misdemeanor counts of petty theft and fraud; and driver Shannon Walters, 38, of Meridian, Miss., charged with the same things.

According to the FHP, Lopez pulled over the Ford Expedition for impeding the traffic flow. Pryor was in the front passenger seat. In the back were Janos Purvis, 37, and Scarlett Stone, 44, both of California.

The four "all appeared nervous," McKinney said, and had "rapid speech, [were] overly forthcoming with their information and unable to stay still." Pryor reportedly told Lopez there was meth in the Expedition's console and, he reported, there was. He also found a glass pipe in the SUV.

"All four admitted to using meth together approximately two hours prior to the stop," Lopez wrote in a report. All were taken to the Plantation Key jail.

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