Woman flees cops, tells passenger she's not stopping until she runs out of gas

April 9, 2014 

Deputies used road spikes to stop a Kentucky woman driving a stolen car Saturday night in Islamorada.

Rebecca A. Adams, 38, was arrested on two felony counts of fleeing from officers and one count each of auto theft and driving under the influence.

The Monroe County Sheriff's Office reports that Deputy Orlando Alvarez saw a red Ford SUV going 60 mph through a 45 mph zone in Marathon around midnight. He chased the SUV to mile marker 60, then radioed ahead for other deputies to stop the driver. A license check showed the SUV was listed as stolen from Broward County.

Deputies picked up the pursuit at mile marker 75. Ten miles ahead, deputies prepared to set up road spikes at the approach to Snake Creek Bridge to puncture the SUV's tires. "The spikes were successful at stopping the car," information officer Becky Herrin said.

A passenger who met Adams in Key West told deputies he urged her stop. She reportedly answered, "I'm not going back to jail. I'm going to keep going until I run out of gas."

Adams told deputies she was "scared" because her license is suspended. She remains in the Monroe County jail under a $14,500 bond.

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