Man goes searching for 'Dude,' finds the Keys jail instead

April 9, 2014 

Daniel Bradley couldn't find Dude.


An Islamorada man looking for "Dude" instead found deputies early Saturday.

A Monroe County Sheriff's Office report says Daniel J. Bradley, 29, is accused of kicking in an acquaintance's door around 5 a.m. while angrily demanding to know, "Where is Dude?"

A woman who knows Bradley said she and a friend had just arrived at her home on north Plantation Key when Bradley started pounding on her door. She told Bradley that she had no idea who "Dude is. Bradley reportedly responded, "You know Dude. Where the hell is he?"

The woman said Bradley grabbed and pushed her, so she shoved him outside and locked the door. A few minutes later, she told deputies, Bradley kicked the door open and again demanded, "Where is Dude?"

Bradley then rushed at the two people inside, the report says. They fought back, knocking Bradley over a couch and punching him.

After a second fight, Bradley "ran out the door, yelling, 'Where is Dude?' " according to the sheriff's report.

Deputy Ray Jodlowski found Bradley walking along U.S. 1 nearby. "When asked for his side of the story, [Bradley] said he had nothing to say," information officer Becky Herrin said.

Bradley was booked into the Monroe County jail on counts of burglary and battery. He remained in custody Tuesday in lieu of an $8,000 bond.

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