Keys college board votes to expand itself from five to seven members

April 5, 2014 

The Florida Keys Community College Board of Trustees on Monday unanimously voted to increase its composition from five to seven governor-appointed members.

Now board Chairman Bobby Stoky is in the process of drafting a letter to Gov. Rick Scott advising him of the change, which is allowed by state statute, college spokeswoman Amber Ernst-Leonard said.

Before the vote, the board briefly discussed specific seats for board members, with three Lower Keys members, two Middle Keys members and two from the Upper Keys. However, the trustees did not define the geographic boundaries.

"They didn't discuss that," Ernst-Leonard said, adding that she "doubts" that boundaries will go into the final letter, which the board will have to approve.

She said that over the years, appointments have been "divided fairly evenly" throughout the Florida Keys.

Current trustees are Elena Spottswood and Tim Keonig of Key West, Brian Schmitt and Anne O'Bannon of Marathon, and Bobby Stoky of Key Largo.

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