Keys college faculty gives president generally decent marks

skinney@keynoter.comJanuary 15, 2014 

A month after leading a faculty review of Florida Keys Community College President Jonathan Gueverra's job performance, Faculty Council President Dawn Ellis resigned on Friday.

Ellis, who was the director of the school's computer science program, couldn't be reached for comment but college spokeswoman Amber Ernst-Leonard confirmed the move without providing details.

The evaluation was distributed and completed in December but Gueverra initially refused to release the results in response to a public records request from the Keynoter. He finally relented when contacted by the newspaper's attorney.

The evaluation was done anonymously by 10 of the 26 full-time faculty members and gave Gueverra generally good marks. They were asked a range of questions, asking to strongly agree, agree, are they neutral, disagree or strongly disagree.

One of the statements on the evaluation form: "I believe that this president is highly effective in performing the responsibilities of the president." One person strongly agreed, three agreed, two were neutral, two disagreed and one strongly disagreed.

Another statement: "I have confidence that the college will grow and improve under this president's leadership. One faculty member strongly agreed, three agreed, two were neutral, three disagreed and one strongly disagreed.

Gueverra, hired in 2012 under a three-year contract worth $180,000 per year, received high marks from faculty for public presentations and fundraising.

His poorest marks came on his ability to "promote effective performance by administrative units," with one respondent strongly agreeing, one agreeing, three neutral, and five disagreeing.

Asked if Gueverra "makes sound personnel decisions and assigns responsibilities well," two agreed, three were neutral, three disagreed and two strongly disagreed.

Asked if he "cooperates and respects faculty governance," three faculty members agreed, three were neutral, one disagreed and three strongly disagreed.

When Faculty Council Vice President Sharon Farell presented the "informational" survey to the college's Board of Trustees on Dec. 9, Gueverra stressed, "This survey was never approved as an official instrument. I'm not sure what this is intending to accomplish."

Tuesday, he said, ""In order for [me] to say there is value to it, it needs to be reliable, credible.  This should not be relied upon as the view of the entire faculty because it's not."

From December 2012 to December 2013, nine full-time faculty members resigned, three had their positions eliminated and one more was fired. Adding Ellis, that's 14 faculty members leaving the college in 13 months.

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