Body-paint bill leads to police call

October 30, 2013 

The cost of body paint sparked a Key West police complaint unique to Fantasy Fest.

A Hanover, Md., man complained to Officer Anna Nelson that a Duval Street shop manager tried to overcharge him by $1,000 for artwork applied to the visitor's wife.

Lewis Bracy said the couple returned to "Stevie the Artist" for the third straight year, and the body-paint specialist quoted a price of $200.

But when they went to pay at the T-shirt store where Stevie was working, "the female behind the counter stated they owed $1,200," Nelson said in her "miscellaneous incident" report Friday.

The artist came to the couple's defense but the woman declared "this is my store" and insisted on the higher price. She then lowered it to $800, then $600.

Eventually the couple paid $320.

Bracy told the patrol officer he wants the incident documented so he can lodge a formal complaint with city officials. Nelson photographed the artwork as potential evidence.

In general, Fantasy Fest, with a theme of "Superheroes, Villains and Beyond," featured only a few actual villains, city police spokeswoman Alyson Crean said.

She described the weekend as mostly "uneventful" in terms of crime. "Overall, I'd say that the KWPD was well prepared for the event and it went off without a hitch," Crean said.

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