Keys Energy brings back its rebate program

October 29, 2010 

Replacing old energy hogs can spur major savings on monthly energy bills, but investments in energy-efficient appliances, while cost-effective in the long run, are not always affordable in the short term.

That's why Keys Energy Services brought back its rebate program at the beginning of its fiscal year Oct. 1.

The program allows residential Keys Energy customers to receive rebates for the purchase of certain items that will make their homes more efficient.

The rebates available include programmable thermostats, $25; dehumidifiers, $50; dishwashers, $55; room air conditioners, $75; refrigerators, $75; freezers, $75; clothes washers, $100; duct leak repairs or duct replacement, $150; central air conditioners, $250; and solar hot water heaters, $450.

Commercial customers are eligible to apply for a $10 rebate for an LED exit sign, with a limit of five per account. A total of 1,480 rebates have been issued to customers since the program began last year.

Keys Energy's "rebate program is made possible through a joint partnership with the Florida Municipal Power Agency and our fellow public power utilities throughout the state," said Lynne Tejeda, general manager and chief executive officer of the utility, which serves 27,000 customers from the Seven Mile Bridge to Key West.

She added that, "the money earned from rebates will help offset the initial cost to customers to purchase energy efficient appliances."

Customers looking for more information on the rebate program, and how to participate, should visit Once online, they can select from the 11 rebate options available and download the applicable forms.

Rebates will be awarded on a first-come, first-served basis.

The utility's first rebate program proved so popular that it ran out of money in the spring, when customers took advantage of it and the federal tax credit on certain appliance purchases.

Keys Energy has $61,575 set aside for this year's program. It spent $95,113 last year, says spokesman Julio Barroso, and has $91,152 allocated for 2011.

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