Coastal Prairie Hiking Trail at Flamingo finally reopens

May 14, 2009 

After being closed for nearly four years from Hurricanes Wilma and Katrina in 2005, the popular Coastal Prairie Hiking Trail is open again.

Everglades National Park Superintendent Dan Kimball recently announced the trail in the Flamingo area of the park finally had been cleared of hurricane debris.

The trail had to be cleared by hand and that has taken some time, park officials said. They added that they were limited on what equipment could be used in a designated wilderness area.

The 7.5-mile trail (each way) ends at Clubhouse Beach. Visitors can venture down the path and enjoy ‘‘a spectacular view of Florida Bay,’’ Everglades officials said.

“This coastal trail brings you back in time as you walk this old road once used by cotton pickers and fisherman,” they added in a written statement.

“Along this trail a hiker can see and photograph great views of open prairies with succulent coastal plants dotted with shady buttonwoods as you journey towards the trail end.”

The path begins at the rear of the ‘‘C’’ Loop campground in the Flamingo area of the park.

There are no services in this remote area of the park.

Park officials said visitors can stop at the Flamingo Visitor Center for more information or call (239) 695-3990.

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